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4 Unconventional Workouts You Should Try

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Doing something daily may make one irritated someday. Performing exercises daily is no exception for boredom. If you are getting bored with the routine workouts and seek out new thrills, why don't you give a try the given unconventional workouts and get an ultimate experience.

Mud Run/Obstacle Courses

Increasing in popularity over the years. Finishing the obstacles like trudging through mud, hopping over fire, crawling beneath barbed wire etc., make mud run one of the most prolific of modern day thrill seeker workouts. This fun run powers up your endurance, workout your whole body and push your body to new heights. Completing an obstacle while running in mud isn't a piece of cake. Train for a mud run/obstacle course initially and then you can finish the obstacles with ease. Why so late? Be prepared to get dirty, sore and tired.

Indoor Cycling

Cycling is highly effective cardio and strength workout. Let's come to the truth. No one can come out and ride a cycle in rain, freezing weather or a hot day. Then, intense and fast-paced indoor cycling suits very well for all individuals and for all times. It not only pumps your lungs but also works your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings and core. Studies also say that it reduces body fat and improves overall cardiovascular efficiency. In cycling, unlike running you decide how hard you work by setting the cycle's resistance and pulling.

Aerial Yoga/Anti-Gravity Yoga

So far, many yoga enthusiasts have been doing yoga on ground. Put that ground-based yoga aside and try the aerial yoga in which persons perform yoga asanas, pilates and aerial acrobatics with the help of aerials and hammock. The benefits of this kind of yoga form go far beyond physical body. There are an ever-increasing number of poses to try out. Performing these acrobatic movements efficiently strengthens the whole body, brings flexibility and soothes your mind.


The most fun and challenging part of it is that no boxercise class involves the physical hitting of an opponent. So, all these exercises are aimed at all ages and fitness standards. You just use your professional boxing techniques to hit the hitting pads and kick the punchbags. To improve the hand-eye coordination, strength and balance, you'll perform shadow boxing, skipping, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups, so that you get a serious cardio blast.

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