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Written by : LifeStyle Team

'Voice' is a powerful and miracle medium for both social interactions as well as for most peoples occupation. The World Voice Day (WVD) is an annual event devoted to the celebration of the miracle 'Human Voice'. Every April 16 aims to demonstrate the enormous importance of the voice in our daily lives as a tool of communication and as an application of a large number of sciences such as physics, psychology, phonetics, art and biology. The WVD brings global awareness to take care of voice, training and research on voice. The idea to devote the WVD to the voice was initiated by Brazilian Society of Laryngology and Voice in 1999 (Brazilian Voice Day). Later, the Portuguese laryngologist Professor Mario Adrea, Portugal, then President of the European Laryngological Society suggested worldwide voice day celebrations in 2002.

The WVD serves as an education campaign about the importance of the human voice and the need for preventative care.

Voice Problems

Voice is the sound generated by the vibrations of the vocal cords when air passes out through the larynx. A proper care of your voice improves the likelihood of a healthy voice for your entire lifetime. A change in your voice is described as hoarseness (dysphonia), raspy quality, change in pitch, loss of voice or pain with voice use. But, spitting up blood or blood in mucus indicates a serious problem which requires an otolaryngologist visit.

Cause Of Change In Voice

The upper respiratory infection or cold causes swelling of the vocal cords, which results in abnormal voice. 'Voice rest' can improve the voice in these cases. If your voice is not improved within two to four weeks after a cold, visit an ENT specialist. Sometimes, changes in voice can be a threat to your life in the form of throat cancer. Early detection can significantly increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Voice Healthy

The following steps are helpful for anyone who wants to keep their voice healthy.

  • Moisture is good for your voice. Drink non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages according to your thirst.

  • Avoid screaming or yelling severely to stop strain on the vocal cords.

  • Before the heavy use of your voice, try warm-ups such as gliding from low to high tones, doing lip trills or tongue trills.

  • Use microphone or megaphone when giving a speech or presentation.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

  • Avoid excess throat clearing and coughing.

  • Minimise throat clearing.

  • If you have tired throat, soared throat while teaching, singing, coaching, coughing, etc, get your voice condition screened. After conducting a complete voice analysis, the person will be advised whether he/she is at risk of a voice disorder. Voice experts including laryngologists and speech-language pathologists explain the causes, risk factors, prevention and treatment of reflux and injured voice seen in singers, teachers and other voice professionals.

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