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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Valentine's Day is usually a car-and-candy day and many bound to overindulge in calories. There are other ways to be romantic with your soulmate. On this Valentine's Day, grab your bae and get absolutely ripped with the new activities together.

Have A Run Session - Get your heart pumping and celebrate Valentine's Day at a running race.

Attend A Fitness Class - Motivate each other to work out and sweat together as you lift weights and boost cardio.

Buy Workout Gear - Buying your loved one chocolates and flowers on Valentine's Day is a routine thing. Instead, try buying some workout gear - yoga bag, exercise mat, shoes that are a runner's dream, FitBit activity trackers, run belt, water bottle, gym bag, dumbbells, etc that your bae can use it all year long. Whether your loved one is a fitness freak or not, we are sure your gym-loving bae love the fitness-inspired Valentine's Day gifts.

Rock Climbing - Try something new and adventurous like rock climbing as it can build muscles and builds confidence between you and your partner.

Enjoy A Massage - After a day of Valentine's day activities, relax and pamper yourself with a nice massage as it gives you therapeutic results to your body such as pain and stress relief, increased sexual activity and increased pleasant emotions.

Take A Camping Trip - Plan for the adventurous trip in which you and your loved one indulge in hiking, playing games, cooking delicious campfire foods and sleeping under the stars while star gazing.

Try A New Recipe - Cooking a new delicious recipe for your partner is a great way to interact with your partner.

Move Your Feet - Dancing with your soulmate will get your heart rate up, improve your coordination skills and open-mindedness.

Enjoy the Valentine's Day with someone you care about and create memories. Happy Valentine's Day.

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