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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Being fit and wearing a perfect shape isn't that great in 20s. But, maintaing that curved body in 40s is really great, isn't it? This feet has been done by the fitness enthusiast and beautiful actress from Bollywood Malaika Arora. She always makes everyone wow with her enviable and curvaceous figure.

This popular Instagrammer Malaika has a hobby of posting her workout and vacation photos on her account and always staying active. Recently, she has posted a yoga pose with the tag #Repost and with the caption...

“Today it's all about appreciating the ones who support you in your journey to becoming better. You never walk alone, look around to find inspiration, support, love, and happiness always surround you. Be grateful for those who invoke the feeling of being limitless within you. Let's be mindful to believe in ourselves.”

In that post, Malaika is seen in navy blue colour sports dress and performing a yoga asana which requires perpendicular angle (45 degrees) pose of body. After seeing this, you feel that she definitely deserves that elegant figure she possesses now and you come to know the reason behind her age-defying statuesque figure. The comments posted by her followers under her post also prove this fact, don't they?