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Written by : LifeStyle Team

It's been more than a decade that Kajal Aggarwal continuing her career as an actress. She has been competing the newcomers while she takes care of her beauty and physique. That's why, everyone praises her beauty which seems increasing day by day as she ages. But, we don't know how Kajal manages to keep her figure constant. Here, her social media post reveals her secret of fitness!

Recently, Kajal posted a video of her on her Instagram account with the following caption,

“Just a casual legs day 💁🏻
Squats for me have always been extremely difficult with regards to my form and lifting heavy. It took a lot of practice, immense focus and a major confidence boost from @coach_sriram to get here, and we’ve only just begun !
70 kgs, heaviest I’ve squatted so far and of course a long way to go. Primary thing is to set your mind to any muscle you train and feel the strength pulsating through your entire body. And trust me, nothing else seems to matter!
Ps- pls don’t try this without supervision unless you’re trained in technique and form.”

In her video post, Kajal is seen lifting 70kg weight under the training of her gym trainer Sriram. This video has made everyone wondered and the video has gone viral. It's clear to say that she is a perfect fitspiration for the current youth, isn’t?