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Techniques To Inculcate Smart Eating Habits In Fussy Children

Written by : LifeStyle Team

It's common for toddlers refusing to eat sometimes and demanding for unhealthy snacks. In these times, parents and elders of the family should ensure smart healthy food habits into the children's life. Here, we share a few smart techniques that will help in inculcating smart eating habits in kids and look out for their health in the long run.

  • We know that children try to mimic their parents' behaviour. Eating together as a family at the dining table often could be a healthy role model.

  • Preparing anti-oxidant rich fruit popsicles, vegetable soup and juices for your kids make them healthy.

  • Make children habituate to healthy snacks if your child refuses to eat them other than junk food. They will soon find there's not much point making a fuss if you don't react.


  • Forcing them to eat food may make them hate eating foods. Don't force them and introduce new and tasty foods often when they are hungry. They usually reluctant to try anything new.

  • Remember! Don't offer your kids sweets as rewards. They may think of sweets as nice and vegetables as nasty.

  • Mix the ingredients with the one they like to eat. For example, grate vegetables in parathas or in idlis make the meal colourful and healthy too.

  • Ask your kids to indulge in cooking. Ask them to squeeze juices or cracking eggs. These actions make them involved in the planning and preparation of a meal and improve your kids' appetite.