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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Menstrual Flow and Menstrual Cramps are two painful words whose presence is best felt by every woman, each month. From having spent many bucks on sanitary pads to have to spend much more on them, a woman's money can hardly be saved, when it comes to buying a Sanitary Pad.

A regular pack of any sanitary pack costs 19 rupees. Depending upon the features of the pad the price varies. At a minimum, 2 packets each month are used by a woman. Though the starting price of these packs is less, no woman completely relies on them, because of the size and feature constraints of such pads. You need these pads compulsory every month and you are made to spend money on buying them. Hence the market has the last say in fixing the price on these packets and you are bound to buy it blindly. 

Relieving every woman's worry, on spending too much on sanitary pads, every month, two Students of IIT Delhi launched reusable sanitary pads made with composite banana fibre. These pads can last up to two years. This reusable pad is developed by Archit Agarwal and Harry Sehrawat based on inputs from several IIT Delhi professors.

"The reusable pads are ultra-thin and are highly absorbent with Quadrant True Lock Technology which makes the pad leak-proof and avoids creating any rashes," Archit, the developer of these reusable pads, told media while launching the pads on Tuesday. A patent has also been filed for the design.

These reusable sanitary pads can be used up to 120 times after washing them in cold water with detergent after every use. A Reusable Sanitary Pad is made up of four layers of different fabrics. A pack of two pads is priced at Rs 199.

The two, Archit and Harry are already exporting the product to Nepal and is in talks with some Arab and African nations. "We have provided samples to authorities in African nations who are currently conducting a test on them. We hope for a positive result very soon," Archit added.

Hope this invention slashes off all the worries of a woman had about spending on menstrual pads.

(Image Credits: Shuttershock)