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How To Gain Toned Abdomen Just By Breathing?

Written by : LifeStyle Team

For all movement patterns in life, the movements of the deep core muscles are necessary. Otherwise, we are more susceptible to less stable and injuries. So, add the deep core muscle exercise – breathing exercise to your daily routine and ensure maintain proper technique during abdominal workouts. Now, we demonstrate how one can achieve the toned abdomen OR one can turn on their abs by breathing.

Here's a video in which the workout enthusiast is doing deep core activation/taut stomach performing a breathing exercise.

Practising this exercise is very simple. All you have to do is breathing at your core while lying down, kneeling or standing. Breath in and breath out slowly while relaxing the tummy and drawing the belly button to your spine. Now, melt your ribs in and lift up the pelvic floor for a while. Perform this exercise for one minute on, one minute off for 3 minutes before you go to your next workout. Watch yourself in the mirror if you want to see the belly drawing in.

Believe it that 'sucking your stomach in' can be as effective as doing hundreds of sit-ups a day. Do 100 curls a day by focusing on smaller muscles in your abdomen to build your stomach.

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