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Written by : LifeStyle Team

In these modern days, sitting at desk and working for hours daily has become inevitable. After reaching home, many of us again sit to watch TV for a few more hours or until feeling sleepy. Sitting all the day at your desk might fill your pockets in the end of every month, but puts you at risk for the diseases related to sedentary lifestyle like obesity, back pain, poor posture, leg cramps, tense muscles and boredom.

Some complain they have no time for exercises amid their hectic schedule. Remember, the human body tends to move. Then, what's a desk jockey can do? Here's something you can do about it. Take the following few smart at-work measures to prevent or relieve from diseases.

1. Neck Rotations To Prevent Neck Pains

  • Stand or sit with a straight back posture

  • Drop your chin till it touches your chest

  • Rotate your head in clockwise direction slowly

  • Try anti-clockwise after a few clockwise rotations

2. Desk Push-Ups/ Elevated Push-Ups For Strengthening Arms

  • Lean with both hands on your desk or place hands on the edge of desk

  • Keep legs apart a little

  • Push your body off of desk slowly

  • Again lean on desk

3. Tricep Desk Dips/ Chair Dips/ Cubicle Dips Work Triceps

  • Sit on the edge of chair

  • Hold either sides of chair

  • Keep feet apart a little

  • Bend both elbows in 90 degrees

  • Move a step away from the edge of the chair

  • Lower yourself towards the floor

  • Straighten arms

  • Return to your starting position

4. Wrist Stretches Work Wrist Joints

  • Extend arm with palm down in front of you

  • Bend wrist towards the floor

  • Gently bend wrist with other hand till you feel some stretch in forearm

  • Hold for a few seconds

  • Relax

  • Now keep palm up

  • Again bend the wrist

  • Try alternate hands

5. Shoulder Raises/ Shoulder Shrugs For Improved Hunched Posture

  • Stand erect

  • Raise both shoulders up toward the ears

  • Hang on

  • Relax now

6. Leg Extensions For Tightening Abs

  • Sit in chair

  • Extend your leg until it reaches the hip level

  • Hold there a few seconds

  • Relax

  • Try alternate legs

7. Chair Squats For A Little Toned Booty

  • Stand in front of chair

  • Keep feet hip-width apart

  • Slowly bend your back

  • Touch the edge of the seat with your butt

  • Hold the position for a few seconds

  • Straighten your body upright

8. Wall Sits For Toning Quads

  • Stand with your back against the wall

  • Keep feet apart a little

  • Squat down to a 90 degree angle

  • Keep your upper back against the wall that supports the weight of your back

  • Hold the position a few seconds

  • Come back to starting position

9. Standing Calf Raises For Calf Muscles

  • Stand behind chair or in front of desk

  • Hold it for balance

  • Lift heels from the floor as high as you can onto toes

  • Lower feet slowly

Precaution: Make sure you aren't noticeable from across the room, your desk doesn't slide easily and your chair doesn't roll. You can try as many sets of reps as you can. Each set comprises of at least 5 to 10 reps.

No one wants getting their work clothes sweaty. But, these simple cubicle-bound exercises can keep your clothes neat while pumping your heart rate up. Incorporating into these short-exercises won't assure you a curved or six-pack body but they can just shred a few calories and help stay fit despite your busy schedule. Happy deskercising!

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