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Here's How Swimming Can Bring You A Sculpted Silhouette

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Do you feel lazy to jog, lift dumbbells or any other workout that demands an excess of sweat from your body?

Are you not interested in your current total-body routine?

Are you searching for an ideal match for your workout?

Don't need to look further as the option SWIMMING is before you now. But before giving it a try, just be aware of 'How swimming can bring you a sculpted silhouette?'

1. A warm-up and cool-down

Swimming before a workout can be a great way to warm up your frigid muscles. After exercise, it can be a great way to cool down sore muscles.

2. An exercise to the entire body

Not only the self-propulsion of a person through water can trim some inches from his/her middle section but also tone from head to toe irrespective of a specific body part and keeps the entire body stronger, fitter and healthier forever.

3. Shape up and slim down

If you are looking for your body to shape up and slim down, although swimming isn't the only option, it should be preferred. But, the fact and the most iterated comment about swimming “a total-body physical activity” totally depends on how we do swim and how long we swim at a fast pace. For an instance, the speed and coordination of the muscles of legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks and more in the front crawl or the breast stroke impact on our total body.

4. Calorie burner

When we swim, we move our arms and legs to oppose resistance caused by water, 12 times the level of air resistance and 800 times denser than air. Researches say an easy swim against this resistance can scorch around 500 calories per an hour while swimming strenuously enough sheds around 700 calories per an hour. Ultimately, every splash works as a mini resistance workout for our whole body and helps us to have lean and mean in future, in addition, to have boosted metabolism.

5. Meditative aspect

We experience weightless when we immerse in water since water has a natural property of neutralising gravity - 'buoyancy'. So, the virtual weightless we feel while swimming laps with co-ordination of arms at leisurely speed and staying afloat on our back brings us a soothing effect on our mind, and also on achy joints and muscles. Not only swimming is a sport and exercise but diving into a pool acts as a recreational activity.

6. Best cardio activity

Compared to jogging or running, breath control in swimming demands more oxygen to inhale. Especially, while racing others or against our personal best, swimming gradually fuels the capacity of heart and lungs to intake oxygen quickly and increase blood circulation. So, the more we swim theswimming more we breathe oxygen. The more we breathe the more energy we can generate. The more energy we generate the more strength we get. The more strength we get the more cardiovascular fitness we achieve.

7. Swim and recover

If a fitness freak has to stop running or jogging or any other heavy workout for some time due to an injury, then the routine of the co-ordination movements of hands, body and legs in the water, 'SWIMMING', can act as an ideal form of workout for him during that time. Because it is gentle on joints and help him recover from injuries in less time without putting pressure on joints and risk of any injury.

8. Great spot-training activity

Leaving particular muscles and exercising a specific arm is possible in swimming. For instance, hang on to the edge of the pool and kick your legs OR lie on a flutter board and move only your arms.

9. Great cross-training activity

For athletes who are training for basketball, running or weightlifting, plunging into a pool is the best cross-training option or a break option as it can improve your performance with its recreation and healing soreness properties.

10. Everyone's physical activity

Swimming only needs an inexpensive swimsuit, cap, goggles and access to a nearby pool. That's all! Anyone can learn to swim irrespective of gender, age and ability, including pregnant ladies and disabled.

The buoyancy of water can take the load off joints if you are an arthritis patient. In diabetic patients, swimming keeps blood sugars under control by burning calories. All you only need to do is a splash with variations of swimming like strokes, kick, push, pull, push-ups, breathing, gliding etc.


Treading water couldn't be an ideal workout if you target to have a muscled body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead, you can undergo a weight training. Make sure whether the current swimming routine is apt for you and what type of swimming will make you comfortable if you are a couch potato. Have a nice dip!!!

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