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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Celebrating the joys of the most enduring of all relationships and happy families play a key role in building blocks of a happy nation. Couples must enrich their relationship and make those relationships meaningful. Matrimony Day is a special day for couples to celebrate the magic of marriage and an opportunity for couples to understand and appreciate the rich Indian marriage traditions, which brings together not just two people, but two families. One of India's leading online matchmaking services Bharat Matrimony started celebrating April 14 as Matrimony Day to encourage people to experience the joys of wedlock on this day and spotlight on the positive aspects of marriage. Why so late? Searching for ideas? Here's a list of ideas which helps you to celebrate your marriage happily today.

  • Give gifts.

  • Recreate your early bonding ritual.

  • Plant a tree and watch it while growing bigger and stronger every year with your marriage.

  • Tell him/her how much you love and why you fell in love.

  • Write a love letter to your spouse. Spray it with your perfume and kiss it with your favourite lipstick before you send it.

  • Blow up a balloon and put a piece of paper with something nice about your spouse.

  • Dress up and dance till you both exhaust.

  • Make a special recipe that your beloved likes to taste.

  • Create a selfie-video in which tell your spouse what you appreciate about them and send it to them.

  • If you are long-ride enthusiasts, take your bike and go for a ride.

  • Have a candlelight dinner.

  • Have lunch at your favourite spot.

  • Learn and tell your spouse 'I Love You' in different languages.

  • Play a sport together.

  • Go on a hike.

  • Hold hands and go for a walk.

  • Watch your wedding video.

  • Have your own personal photo shoot.

  • Tell your spouse the things you find attractive about them.

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