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Written by : LifeStyle Team

For some, swimming is a great fun. For some, it is a routine workout. For some, it's a great place for recharging. But for everyone, swimming could be risky at any time if you don't pay heed to any precautions. Every time, many of us feel rules are always prone to restrict us but we forget they are for our safety. Today, we bring some dos and don'ts for budding and novice swimmers, and for individuals who do swimming. Keep them in mind.


  • Make sure whether you fit for the aquatic activity before joining

  • Take a shower bath before you enter into the pool and also after swimming

  • Wear a silicon cap and goggles to prevent the negative effects of chlorine on the scalp, hair and eyes

  • Follow the instructions of swimming coach instead of doing everything on your own

  • Swim within the zone until you master at least in one swimming technique

  • Follow these - throwing dirt and rubbish into litter bins, removing ring pulls from water

  • Keep the change room clean

  • Walk slowly around the pool because spilt water makes the floors slippery

  • If the pool is crowded, coordinate with other swimmers to swim one by one in a lane

  • Do practice rhythmic bilateral breathing which can keep you swim straighter

  • Come with a goal and always tend to it by gradually increasing endurance

  • Tweak your technique once you feel you can swim efficiently


  • Eating too much before you go to swimming

  • Swimming without a lifeguard on duty

  • Entering into the pool unless you have an experienced swimmer watching all the time you from behind

  • Spitting in water while swimming in a pool and at beaches

  • Trying to run around the pool

  • Diving directly into the pool without confirming the depth

  • Going away from the shoreline in open water (sea, river, pond) swimming

  • Using weights while swimming laps with ankle or wrists

  • Crossing the rule - 10% increase in distance for every week

  • Holding breathing and swimming underwater

  • Swimming on back against the ocean

  • Swimming against the current

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