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Found These Signs Of Nails? Consult Doctor Immediately

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Nails protect fingers and toes. Here, you need to know one more thing that they reflect your overall health too. Check yourself. If you find any of the below mentioned signs of nails, then consult your doctor immediately.

1. White lines on nails

  • Muehrcke's lines - White lines across the width of the nail bed. Sign of renal failure and sickle cell anaemia.

  • Mees' line - White lines that grow out with the nail. Sign of arsenic or thallium poisoning.

  • Dark stripes running down the nail - Indicate a form of skin cancer.

2. Split nails

  • Brittle nails – Sign of iron deficiency

  • Onycholysis - Fingernails separating from the nail bed. Sign of drug reactions, injury or infection.

 3. Unusual texture or shape 

  • Horizontal ridges - It's a sign of beau's lines which indicates injury to the nail, nutritional deficiency, infection or high fever.

  • Vertical nail ridges - Normal and harmless.

  • Rounded nails – Indicate lung cancer, intestinal disorders or endocrine disease.

  • Onychogryphosis – Nails overgrow. They look thick and curl in shape. It's a sign of psoriasis, hystrix or lack of care of nails.

  4. Discolouration of nails  

  • Terry's nails - White or Yellow spots on nails. It's a sign of liver disease, kidney failure or heart conditions. No need to worry if the spots are a few.

  • Yellow nails – It's a sign of fungal infection, thyroid disease or psoriasis.

  • Blue fingernails – it's a sign of less oxygen storage in red blood cells or body's reaction to cold temperature.

  • Green shade (Green nail syndrome) - it's a sign of loose nail bed. It happens when working in damp environments.

  • Formaldehyde used in nail polish also causes discolouration. This preservative is declared as carcinogenic.

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