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Continuous Training For Better Aerobic Conditioning

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Different types of effective physical training types are available in the fitness industry for sports training. Continuous training or continuous exercise is also one of such physical training types.

Exercises like cycling, jogging, running, walking, rowing, stair climbing etc., can be considered for continuous training. It can be performed at low, moderate and high-intensity exercises.

The basic concept of continuous training is doing one low or moderate or high-intensity repetition of a heavy load exercise, rest for a few seconds and iterate the same exercise for around 6 to 9 minutes. This will boost your heart rate gradually.

Continuous Training Involves

  • Mode - Select an activity like a long run or cycling (Mode). Your ultimate goal is to elevate the heart rate and maintain the level for extended times for better aerobic conditioning.

  • Frequency - To experience the best results of continuous training have at least day by day continuous training sessions in the morning.

  • Duration And Intensity - Start your training at low intensity for short intervals. Do the exercise for about 4 to 5 minutes continuously and take a few seconds rest. Now, repeat doing the same exercise. Gradually increase the duration and intensity as the person also gradually develop his fitness and endurance.


  • Enhances cardiovascular endurance or aerobic conditioning

  • Enhances stamina

  • Shreds the excessive body fat


  • Doesn't enhance anaerobic fitness

Searching for an awesome aerobic conditioning workout? Then, give continuous training a shot. It could be definitely a great addition to your fitness regime.

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