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Written by : LifeStyle Team

From giving birth to raising us an individual, parents play the most pivotal role in everyone's life. From narrating us bed-time stories to teaching whats right and wrong, parents are always our best and first teachers. From patiently listening to us to preparing us to be ourselves, parents role can never be replaced. But are we slowly forgetting that, when these parents become old and physically incapable, it's our responsibility to take care of these Elderly children?

Senior Citizens - who are physically a child and mentally an adult, who needs the utmost care, love and support. These are the ones who are very kind at heart like that of children and expect their children to treat them the way, they once raised them. Its time we respect them for all their sacrifices and express our gratitude for everything they had been to us.

August 21 is celebrated as World Senior Citizen's Day and EeYuva dedicates this article to all the wonderful senior citizens who shaped us as better individuals.

Patience and Understanding

When we were a child and didn't know anything, it's our parents who patiently taught us everything. Each time we repeatedly asked them about something, their answer and tone never changed. But how are we treating them now? Are we patient enough to tell them the same thing in a normal tone even the 100th time? The answer surely is within your heart.

When its old age, they tend to forget a few things. Sometimes anxiety takes control and they tend to ask the same thing many times. As a child when they were coping up with things we did similarly, now we need to show some respect & gratitude towards them, understand their condition and stay patiently with them.

Money, Health and Expenditure

As a child did we ever have the capability to earn money for our living? It's our parents who worked hard to give a life we wanted. They spent so much on us while raising us and when it's their time to be taken care off, we need to do our part. It's time we need to begin thinking of them and thinking from their perspective and start being as much of help possible to them.

Not Just Parents, Grand Parents Count Too

We are grown up with equal care and love from our grandparents too. Though they were growing old by the time, we began growing, our grandparents are the only people who loved and took care of us more than our parents did. By the time we grew up, some of our grandparents are no more, while few are still battling to survive. We need to treasure their love and show some gratitude for all they did to us. At this age, these elderly kids need nothing but love. Lets spread some love and make them happier.

Say Hello To Every Old

Do you remember the times when your neighbours, aunts or a random stranger took care of you or at least tried calming your cry? Now, these same people might have turned old or turning old and we need to practice the art of loving and caring every other old, supporting them in ways possible. End of the day everyone needs care and let's begin spreading the same.

Old age happens to everyone. Today it's our grandparents, tomorrow our parents and later us. We never know until we are in it. Similarly, for us, they are the older people now but time changes when we become old. Let's pledge to ourselves that we treat every senior citizen in the same way we wished to be treated when we grow old. Happy Senior Citizens Day.

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