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Written by : LifeStyle Team

The rise in temperatures during the days of summer bring health problems like dehydration, stomach upset, infections, etc. So, following the given summer essentials replenishes your health during the summer this year.

1. Water

Nothing quite quenches thirst during the summer than a cooling glass of water. Intaking about 3.5 litre daily keeps body hydrated and skin looking fresh as a daisy. Another big one to add to your list is coconut water. It replenishes electrolytes in the body and keeps you feeling light yet full.

2. 50 shades of green

Become a year-round obsessive salad eater. Add some radish, cucumbers and apples and pomegranate to your lunch box. Radishes and cucumbers are little summer jewels and keep your body hydrated.

3. Lemon-aid to the rescue

Lemonade can be a main squeeze during summer months. Aloe Vera Lemon (Aid) can also be your summer favourite lemonade topped with cooling aloe vera and mint.

4. One in a melon

Few things can instantly put a smile on your face. Summer love and watermelons fall in that category. They take you back to your childhood when your siblings and you would over dose on big, juicy watermelon wedges. High in water content, it helps beat occasional summer meloncholy.

5. Sabja seeds

Our very own version of Chia seeds, Sabja seeds are most effective when soaked in water and had during the course of the day. They reduce overall body heat and are also quite rich in fiber. Mix it up by adding them to a bowlful of mangoes, mint and turn on the summer vibe.

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