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Written by : LifeStyle Team

For the past few decades, “Meditation” has become the most popular word in the health and fitness fraternity. But, before considering meditation practice, certain misconceptions are revolving in the minds of many of the novice meditators. We, EeYuva, here debunk those common fears that persist around practising meditation which brings you a greater sense of well-being and self-awareness and, ultimately, keeps you mentally fit.

Fear 1: Meditation Takes Too Much Time OR I Don't Have Time

This is the most common fear that many new meditators express and they do pose “As we are busy with our hectic schedule, how can we spend 10 to 15 minutes daily for a single activity?”. In fact, many of us definitely do adjust time if we really believe that something is very important for us, don't we? Remember, even a short period of practising meditation can yield noticeable results which include stress reduction and increased focus. Remind yourself the valuable and positive effects of meditation on your mind, then you'll definitely carve out time.

Fear 2: For Me, Meditation Is Too Difficult To Concentrate

In these modern days, we people are so busy with our commitments that we can't concentrate on other things well enough. But, it could never be a concern for meditation as, of course, it requires a great concentration than what we possess. If the feeling that your minds are scattered or stressed and you do lack of required concentration to gain a silent mind while meditating is persisting, you will get nothing from meditation.

Thoughts revolving in the mind and stress in this busy world are common for everyone. The key virtue of meditation tells you to neutralise all your emotions, bring your mind calmness and then focus on what your mind is really searching for. Let go of expectations and feelings because they are all distractions and the person should feel the condition that thoughts arising randomly in your brain is the only precondition for meditation - a part of knowing your busy mind. So, scattered mind or stressed mind can't deter the one who really wants to indulge in meditation.

Fear 3: Meditation Is For People Without Problems Or A Way Of Running Away From Problems

On the contrary, we not only just meditate for a calm mind but also for gaining willpower to tackle the problems confidently with a smile. The more you master in meditation the stronger you habituate to accepting the situations as they are and handle them in a pleasant and constructive manner instead of worrying about the past and future. Remember, no one can escape from problems in their life but the way you deal with them diligently and confidently matters. Here, we assure you that meditation definitely stands beside you.

Before you start meditation practice this time, leave all your fears, know your inner-soul, get the fruitfulness of meditation.

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