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You might have thought that gold and diamonds are the most expensive and precious things in the world! Have you ever heard about the ingredients which are more expensive than gold and diamonds? Yes, there are some foods which are costlier and at the same time delicious too. If you are ready to splurge, then these sumptuous food menu is for you, Binge on…

White Truffle

Looks like a muddy rock yet the ingredient is in high demand across the world. The creamy sauce prepared using White Truffle is widely used by food experts for garnishing. It's difficult to cultivate and major quantity of white truffle is found only in Northern Italy.

Matsutake Mushroom

Some foods taste different when compared to their looks and Matsutake Mushroom comes under that category. The most craving veggie in North Asia and one of the extortionate ingredients due to its rarity and strong taste.

Edible Gold

Who doesn't love to adorn in gold ornaments? It will enhance your look and grabs the eyeballs of many. But, have you ever tasted the gold? What?? Devouring gold! Yes, edible gold is available in the market. Though tasteless, it turns the fate of any dish into a precious one.


Caviar… The pasteurised fish eggs. Definitely, you might have never expected that such kind of food exists and that too a costliest one. The pearl white coloured roes of a sturgeon fish which is found in Caspian sea is the most costliest caviar in the world. Different colours of caviares are available in the market such as red, gold and black. This is highly used to give the sumptuous touch and enrich the taste of the dish.

Balsamic Vinegar

This Italian flavour is used as a condiment from ages. The real balsamic vinegar is produced by boiling the Trebbiano grapes and is rested for years until the water evaporates. Finally, you get the strong and sweet flavoured dusky liquid.

King Melon

This king melon allures the food lovers with its massive size and die-hard sweetness. This hybrid melon is cultivated in Japan. A pair of melons are sold for almost $ 15,000 as per the demand. This one says how people are mad about this luscious melon?

Black Watermelon

The combination of red and green fruit will make you go crazy over it in summer. But, have you ever seen and tasted the black watermelon? It is one of the rarest crops in Japan. This black melon grabs the precious place in food list with its outstanding and delectable taste.


Do you wanna have any introduction about this aromatic filaments. The most sought-after ingredient to get a fairer skin, an abode of antibiotics and a pinch of saffron makes your dish luscious and colourful. This is one of the valuable ingredients in the world due to its rare cultivation.

This list astonishes you instead of drooling, right? These are some of the valuable and costliest foods, buddies. If you know more, do share with us…

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