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Written by : LifeStyle Team
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What if passion is different from our profession? It's like working hard the whole day with out any interest which leads to the missing of liveliness in our work. If our profession is our passion, then we can create wonders and we will be the king/ queen in our metier. Today, most of us are choosing our careers which are no way related to our education or passion. But there are some people who strive hard to accomplish their goal even though they are not working in their passionate fields. Today we are introducing some people who are not trained chefs but made a name for themselves in the culinary world.

Uppma Virdi



A video posted by Chai Walli (@chai_walli) on Oct 3, 2016 at 1:11am PDT

Uppma Virdi… The Indian origin Australian lawyer is now famous as a 'Chai Walli' who started her chai journey in 2014. In just two years, this 26 year old lass won the prestigious title 'Australia Businesswoman Of The Year – 2016'. She made this magic chai with perfect assemblage of 11 spices inspired by her grandfather who is an Ayurvedic doctor in Punjab. She learned the art of balancing the spices in a right way from her grandfather. According to her, “Spices are like musical instruments in an orchestra to me. I use their flavour notes to create the most perfectly balanced chai. So, let me take you on a spicy journey into the art of chai”.

Nihal Raj Alias Kicha


What do our kids do at the age of 6? Just play, eat, sleep and repeat, that's it! Right? They don't even know how to eat without making the things messy? But, this six-year-old little chef, Kicha is teaching the recipes to the world in his own blog (kichatube.blogspot) and YouTube channel (KichaTube). He is also the youngest kid who has his own YouTube video (Rainbow Idli) which was acquired by Facebook. This super kid also showcased his culinary talent on American famous chat show, 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'.

Vedant Bahri

This handsome food freak describes himself as 'a foodie rather than fitness freak'. This food enthusiast did experiments for years to find out the healthy substitutes such as amaranth flour and coconut flour instead of refined flour and also uses low fat products but never compromises on taste. He expressed his culinary journey through a book 'Cheat It All', which contains delicious and salubrious recipes along with interviews of chefs, sports persons and film stars. Not a trained chef or nutritionist, but his passion for food makes him an outstanding foodie forever…

So, cronies turn your passion into a career to create miracles in this short life. But, never forget to share your cookery hacks with us.

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