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Coffee Flavoured Stamp Released In Bengaluru

Coffee... Who doesn't love it? Most of the people in the world kick-start their day with a sip of hot coffee. It has such a huge fandom across the world. And to our surprise, this...
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Now Experience Foodgasm With 'Baahubali' Thali

'Baahubali' on screen have treated your eyes. Well, now, a thali of the same name is all set to treat the foodie in you. A hotel in Ahmedabad, Rajwadu, has introduced...
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Sanjeev Kapoor's Mobile App For His Fans

Sanjeev Kapoor is a well known celebrity chef, TV personality, writer and entrepreneur. Now, you can catch him through his own mobile app. He is laden with many jobs and responsibilities...
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Authentic Flavours Of 'Amritsar'

Amritsar entices devotees with its divine and spiritual energy. And what adds to the splendour of the city is the absolutely scrumptious food on offer. There is definitely something...