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Malaysia's Tai Koon Slaung was awarded the title of World's Best Sushi Chef in the recently held 'World Sushi Cup 2018' in Tokyo. Originated in Japan, Sushi is now famous all over the world and has found a place in the local cuisines.

In the competition, featuring Sushi Chefs from Brazil, France, Malaysia and the Philippines, Tai Koon Slaung won the title for his creative sushi 'Malaysia - Truly Asia', expressing the rich nature of Malaysia.

Talking about the same, Kazuhiro Shimane from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said, "We are looking forward to high-level competition in which twenty Sushi Chef from nine countries and regions are competing, they will also be able to bring out skills they cultivated during their daily work, as well as individuality."

Tai Koon Slaung

In the contest, each sushi chef decided on their theme and served sushi within 40 minutes. Judges evaluated the taste and shape of each sushi.

While cooking the Japanese dish, the chefs analysed that the importance is not only in showing the goodness of appearance but also the cutting and preparation of raw seafood. Hygiene considerations are also a very important part of the screening process.

At the competition, sushi dishes with a variety of themes were lined up on the table.

Masashi Kasado added, "There were lots of rolls made in American style so far, but it is becoming more closer to Japan's traditional "Edomae sushi" every year."

Sushi is one of the typical dishes of 'Washoku' (traditional Japanese food) which is registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Sushi was constituted in Japan about two hundred years ago, when there was no refrigerator or ice, as raw food is safely cooked and inherited along with its traditional preparing methods.

Charm and deliciousness of sushi cultivated with the rich climate of Japan are spreading to the world through the skills of foreign sushi chefs.

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