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Although biryani is the most popular dish in India, Indians are far from cutting down on fast foods, suggest new data from online food delivery platform Swiggy, which is completing five years this week.

Subway, Domino's Pizza, McDonald's and Burger King clocked the highest number of orders in five years, said Swiggy, which has entered over 290 cities since launch in 2014.

Swiggy revealed the biryani order rate stood at 43 per minute, followed by dosa and burgers in the list of most ordered dishes on Swiggy. Among desserts, gulab jamun topped the order chart with ras malai at a distant second.


The data also revealed a surprise and showed coffee, not tea, was the go-to drink for most Swiggy clients.

The demand for vegetarian foods is also on the rise with most cities having close to double vegetarian orders over non-vegetarian items, according to the data with "pure veg" being the most popular filter on the app.

A Bengaluru man, who placed 17,962 orders with Swiggy, has emerged as the platform's most loyal customer.

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