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Storage of groceries like pulses, flour, oil, etc., in monsoon is really a tough job for all the home makers especially, working women. As the moisture build-up in this drizzling season makes way for worms and bacteria and spoil the stored food.

So, to increase the shelf life of the groceries in monsoon, one should follow some effective hacks. Here we EeYuva have jotted down some effective yet useful tips to store the everyday groceries. Give them a look and do follow them...

Storage Of Grains And Pulses


In order to avoid worms in the pulses and grains, sun-dry them once in a week and then microwave them for a minute or you can also dry roast for couple of minutes. Let them cool and then store in an airtight container.

Storage Of Different Kinds Of Flours


Besides pulses and grains, worms also attack flour in monsoon because of moisture build-up. So to prevent them, add few roasted bay leaves into the flour jar.

Storage Of Sugar And Salt


During monsoon, due to the moisture build-up, sugar and salt tends to stick to the jars. So to absorb moisture, do store them in a glass container instead of your regular plastic or aluminium jars and also add some rice at the base of the container.

Storage Of Cooking Oils


During monsoons, the odour, taste of the cooking oil might change and sometimes they can also spoil. So to prevent this, add in a few drops of castor oil to the cooking oil and store.

Preserving Sweet Corn

sweet corn

One can preserve sweet corn for 10-15 days during monsoon by following some simple tips. First blanch them and dry them. Freeze the dried sweet corn in a ziplock bag for further usage.

Hope these simple tips will help you keep the food safe in monsoon. Do let us know more tips in the comment section below...

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