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Nannari sharbat! Have you ever come across this name? Probably not! It is an excellent summer drink that one should have to keep their body cool in this sweltering summer. Well! What about 'Nannari'? Do you know what it is? It is a plant which is also known as 'Indian Sarsaparilla'. Traditionally, the nannari sharbat is prepared using the nannari syrup which is extracted from the nannari roots.

And moreover, this delicious cooling drink is very healthy which treats the urinary infections and purifies the blood as well. So, one can have this drink every day to beat the summer heat.

Here is the recipe for you. Have a look!

Ingredients You Need

  • Nannari roots - ½ cup

  • Sugar - 1 cup

  • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp

  • Salt - ¼ tsp

  • Water as required

  • Ice cubes for chilling

Method To Prepare The Nannari Syrup

Prior Procedure

Wash the roots under running water for 2-3 times to remove the clay from the roots. Let it dry and crush the roots with mortar and pestle. Remove the white part which is placed in the centre of the root and collect the brown part (bark part) of the roots. Discard the white part and blend the brown part into a coarse powder.

  1. Soak the powdered nannari roots in hot water for about 6-7 hours or overnight without disturbing.

  2. Now strain the soaked nannari liquid through a double folded muslin cloth to separate the dirt and pulp.

  3. Now add the sugar to the strained nannari liquid and let it boil on low flame to get a thick syrup texture.

  4. Take it off the flame and let it cool and transfer into an air-tight glass container. And the nannari syrup is ready.

Preparation Of Nannari Sharbat

  1. Add a few ice cubes in a glass, pour 1-2 tbsp of nannari syrup and then add cold water along with a tbsp of lemon juice and stir them well.

That's it! Get ready to guzzle a regional summer drink 'Nannari Sharbat' in a jiffy...

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