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It's a season of hot and spicy foods especially the hot beverages. Besides our regular tea and coffee, soups are the most preferred foods in this chilled season. Well! Soups not only satiate our cravings but also keeps our body warm in this shivering winter. You might have devoured different varieties of soups all these days and of course the 'tomato soup' - a favourite one for many of us.

So, give a spicy and aromatic touch to your regular tomato soup by adding the magical spice 'pepper' to it. Have a look at the recipe here...

Ingredients You Require

3 medium sized tomatoes chopped; 2 tsp peppercorns; ½ tsp turmeric powder; 2 crushed garlic; 1 chopped medium sized onion; 1 tsp cumin seeds; 1 tbsp oil; salt to taste; 1 tsp dried basil; 1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander leaves; 2-3 cups vegetable stock

pepper tomato soup

Method To Follow

  • Boil chopped tomatoes along with chopped onions in water and bring it to boil. Simmer and let it cook on a low flame with closed lid until tender.

  • Strain the water and let it cool for sometime. Blend it into a fine paste and set it aside.

  • Meanwhile, dry roast the cumin seeds and peppercorns and crush them into a coarse powder using motor and pestle.

  • Heat oil in a wok and saute the crushed garlic and cumin seeds-pepper powder for a while. Now, add tomato paste, salt and stir it well.

  • Pour the vegetable stock and let it boil to get a desired texture. Finally, sprinkle the dried basil and chopped coriander leaves. Give a quick stir.

Dish out and serve the sizzling peppery appetizer 'Tomato-Pepper Soup'.

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