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Do you know the speciality of the summer fruit mango? One can consume this king of fruits either in its raw form or the pulpy fruit or it can be used to prepare yummy recipes. Everyone has their own taste but if you are a true mango lover, then you will definitely like anything made out of it.

Well! You might have devoured different mango recipes like raw mango rice, raw mango pickle, mango ice cream, etc., But have you ever devoured Mango Cake? If not, try it out today it's really amazing. Believe us! The smooth, delicious cake made of the fresh mango pulp will tickle your taste buds and is the great confectionery to binge on this weekend. Here we go!

Ingredients You Need

  • Butter - 1 cup

  • Castor sugar - ½ cup

  • Eggs - 2

  • Vanilla essence - 1 tsp

  • Mango puree - ¾ cup

  • Refined flour - 1½ cups

  • Chopped mango - 1 medium

  • Pistachios - ¼ cup

Have A Look At The Video Here...

'Mango Cake' looks amazing, isn't it? Try it out and enjoy your day...

(Courtesy: Sanjeev Kapoor & Shutterstock)

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