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How To Prepare Paneer At Home?

Written by : LifeStyle Team
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Who doesn't love to devour paneer/ cottage cheese? Everyone falls for it and with its amazing taste, it never fails to allure the foodies. Fresh paneer when added to any dish enhances the taste and makes us crave more for it. Generally, most of us opt for the store bought cottage cheese but have you ever prepared it at your condo? If not, here is the recipe for you. It's very simple to prepare and believe us, freshly home-made paneer tastes great than the purchased one.


  • ½ Litre milk

  • Lemon juice/ Vinegar - 1-2 tbsp


Method To Prepare Paneer...

  1. Boil the milk in a thick bottomed bowl. Next, add the lemon juice/ vinegar and stir it well. Slowly, the curd will separate from the whey. Take it off the flame.

  2. Drain the milk-curd using a muslin cloth and add extra water to clean the milk-curd.

  3. Finally, drain the water and tie the muslin cloth and put weight over it for an hour to drain the excess water.

  4. Now, cut the fresh and soft paneer into pieces.

That's it! The fresh, soft paneer is ready to use...

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