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Here's The Interesting Story Behind The Chocolate Chip Day

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We all, especially children are fond of chocolate chips or chocolate morsels - small pieces of chocolate which are used in baked items. Interestingly, in the commemoration of these sweet and tasty chocolate chips, the Americans celebrate 'National Chocolate Chip Day'. But why only US? If you are a huge fan of these chunks, get ready to kick off the celebrations of the 'National Chocolate Chip Day' irrespective of continental boundaries on every May 15.

Paying attention to chocolate chips was introduced by Nestle in 1941. Ruth Graves Wakefield, native of Whitman, Massachusetts, US created them at first during 1930s. One day, she wanted to prepare chocolate chip for guests. As she ran out of baker's chocolate, she had cut chocolate bars into semi-sweet chocolate morsels and also found that they didn't melt into the dough. Her creation instantly became popular in US.

In 1939, Wakefield agreed to team up with Nestle for a new project - adding her recipe to the chocolate bar's packaging. In return, she got a lifetime supply of chocolate from Nestle. Sounds interesting, isn't it? Later, as competition increases, others started selling the chocolate in chips or chunks form. Although the initial flavour of chocolate chips was semi-sweet, today, they come in many flavours.

The Americans Celebrate This Interesting And Funny Day By

  • Preparing and Sharing baked items decorated with chocolate chips with everyone.

  • Making portraits of human face, birds by arranging them properly on baked items.

  • Offering guests chocolate chip sweepstakes to win prizes in hotels.

  • Take selfies while having chocolate chips and share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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