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Delectable Mango Desserts To Have In This Summer

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Mangoes and summer are inseparable combo and people can't stop themselves from drooling over them. Besides having this yellowish fruit, let's prepare luscious desserts with them. As we have already shared you a few mango dessert recipes, this time we have come up with a few more delightful mango desserts. Have a look!

Mango Burfi Recipe

mango burfi

Ingredients List

Mango puree - 2 cups; Gram flour - 1 cup; Sugar - ¾ cup; Ghee - ¼ cup; Cardamom powder - 1 tsp; Nuts (cashew, almonds and pistachios) - 3 tbsp


  • Heat ghee in a pan and saute gram flour until nice aroma comes out. Take it into a plate and boil the mango puree along with sugar to get a thick texture.

  • Then add sauteed gram flour and stir it well continuously until you get a very thick texture. Finally, give a stir with chopped nuts. Take it off the flame and spread it on the greased plate.

Let it dry and cut it into pieces as per your desired shapes.

Mamidi Tandra Or Aam Papad Or Amba Vadi Recipe

mamidi tandra

Ingredients List

Mango puree - 2 cups; Sugar - 1 cup; Cardamom powder - 1 tsp; Oil for greasing the plate


  • Boil mango puree along with sugar and cardamom powder to get a thick texture. Take it off the flame.

  • Grease the plate with oil and spread a spoonful of mango puree on the plate and let it sit under the direct sun until both the sides dry completely.

Cut it into pieces and enjoy the 'Mango Papad'.

Mango Mochi

mango mochi

Ingredients List

Milk - 100 ml; Coconut milk - 100 ml; Glutinous rice flour - 120 g; Powdered sugar - 50 g; Corn starch - 2 tbsp; Desiccated coconut for garnishing; Mango - 1; Butter - 1 tbsp


  • Peel the mango and chop it into small pieces.

  • Combine milk, coconut milk, rice flour, sugar powder, corn starch and whisk them well to get lump-free mixture. Give a quick stir with butter and transfer it into a bowl. Steam cook the mixture for 20 minutes.

  • Take it off the flame and mix it well with a spatula while hot. Wrap the steamed dough in a plastic cover and let it cool.

  • Knead the steamed dough and take a small portion of dough and spread it evenly with the hand; then place a piece of mango and close it carefully.

  • Do the same for the remaining dough until the mango pieces are done. Finally, roll each piece of dough in desiccated coconut.

That's it! Japanese Dessert 'Mango Mochi' is ready...

So guys, aren't these mango desserts amazing? Try them and let us know which one you like the most in the comment section below...

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