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Kunal Kapur is a well-known celebrity in the kitchen world. He makes everyone go gaga over his cookups and the taste of the recipes just stands out of the box. He always loves to share some basic tactics which helps homemakers. Today, we have come up with Kunal's special write-up which showcases the usage of knife and chopping techniques...

1. How To Hold And Use Knife In The Kitchen?

Here are a few smart tips which let you tell how to hold a knife and how to place the hand while chopping... Check out the video of celebrity chef Kunal Kapur...

2. Smart Way To Chop Onions

Onion - Can anyone complete a curry without adding this ingredient? Obviously, No... The staple ingredient at every home. Everyone needs to learn the chopping tactics of this most sought after ingredient in the kitchen. To know just watch out the video...

3. Chop The Basil Leaves Like A Pro

Cutting a herb into small pieces is really a hectic work. The perfect chopping of the herb enhances the taste and the look of the dish... So, next time try out the chef's advice.

4. Cut The Coriander Leaves In No Time

Have you ever finished a curry without garnishing with coriander leaves? No... Many of us don't know how to cut the coriander leaves into perfect manner? It is quite simple and one can chop it in no time after watching this video...

5. Chop The Veggies Like A Chef

Chopping the veggies like carrots, cucumber etc., into thin slices is a great task. Want to achieve that feat? Then here we go.... Chop the carrots in no time and make a tasty curry with it.

6. Cut The Cabbage In No Time

Cabbage is hard and eats our time while chopping. It is really a difficult thing to chop this hard veggie in less time? Fret not! Here is a solution to the problem by chef Kunal Kapur...

Catch out the Kunal's chopping hacks which turn you into a culinary pro.

(Courtesy: Chef Kunal Kapur)

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