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There are no such words like unhealthy, tastelessness and out of the season in the dictionary of the 'Banana'. Yeah! Added to that, there is no age constraint to have this fruit. But, how many of you are aware that every year third Wednesday of April is celebrated as 'Banana Day'?

Yeah, today is a 'Banana Day' and we would like to come up with luscious cook ups with ripened bananas which most of us throw away.

Give a quick scroll and head into the kitchen then start preparing yummy dishes with the ripened bananas...

1. Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Ice cream... The first and obvious choice in summer. Turn the dainty bananas into mouth-watering ice cream. All you need is over-ripened bananas, cream, honey and vanilla essence.

 Banana Ice Cream

Ingredients List

3 ripened bananas; ½ cup fresh cream; 1 tsp vanilla essence; 3 tbsp honey

Method To Follow

  1. Blend the ripened bananas into a fine paste. Now, add cream, vanilla essence, honey and mix it well till a soft texture is formed.

  2. Refrigerate the creamy banana to get a solid texture.

Gulp down the chilled 'Banana Ice Cream' in a jiffy…

Note: You can make it more delectable by adding 4 tbsp of cocoa powder to prepare choco-banana ice cream.

2. Banana Custard

As we know that most of us are fond of desserts. Even myriad varieties are not enough to satiate our sweet tooth. For such people, here is one more recipe to make your mouth water... It is a 'Banana Custard'. Grab the process here...

Banana Custard

Ingredients List

2 ripened bananas; 1 tbsp custard powder; 1 cup milk; ¼ cup sugar; A few drops vanilla essence;

2 tbsp chopped nuts (optional)

Prior Process

Mix the custard powder with a little amount of warm milk and set it aside. Cut the bananas into pieces and take them into a bowl.

Method To Follow

  1. Boil the milk along with sugar and stir it for 4-5 minutes. Then, add custard mixture and let it boil on a low flame with stirring continuously to get a thick sauce.

  2. Now, add the banana pieces, vanilla essence and give a quick stir. Then allow it to cook for a couple of minutes. Take it off the flame and let it cool for some time.

  3. Refrigerate it for 4-5 hours and serve the chilled banana pudding.

That's it! Toothsome 'Banana Custard' is ready to hit your palate...

...Happy Banana Day...

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