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Apricot, the yellowish-orange fruit with its sweet and tangy taste will tickle our taste buds. Being an abode of vitamins, this fruit can be eaten either fresh or ripened or dried. If you are an ardent lover of apricots, then here is good news for you! Today is 'Apricot Day' and it's time to celebrate...

So on the occasion of this special day, we EeYuva are here with the delicious recipes with this juicy fruit. Have a look and give them a try on this special day...

Sweet Apricot Jam...

Besides your regular fruit jams, try out this amazing apricot jam this time.

apricot jam


  • Ripened apricots - ½ Kg

  • Sugar - ¼ Kg (as per your taste)

  • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp


  1. Halve and de-seed the apricots and cut them into small pieces. Combine the sugar and apricot pieces into a large bowl and rest it aside for at least one hour.

  2. Thereafter, boil this apricot and sugar mixture by adding the lemon juice on a medium flame and stir it occasionally.

  3. Let it cook for about 30-40 minutes until you get a smooth jam-like texture.

  4. Off the flame and dish it out into a sterilised glass jar or air-tight container and allow it to cool for some time. Close the lid and store it in your refrigerator for regular usage.

Apricot Chutney...

Yes, you heard it right! Not only the sweet dishes, but we can also prepare chutney with this sweet fruit.

apricot chutney


  • Dried Apricots - 2 cups (overnight soaked)

  • Sugar - ¼ cup

  • White vinegar - 1 tbsp

  • Ginger - Small piece (roughly chopped)

  • Chopped garlic pods - 2-3

  • Red chilli powder - 2 tsp

  • Paprika - ½ tsp

  • Salt - ½ tsp (as per your taste)


  1. Take a deep bottomed bowl and add the soaked apricots along with its water. Remember that the apricots should dip completely in the water. So, add extra water if needed.

  2. Keep this bowl on a medium flame and add chopped ginger, garlic, red chilli powder, salt, paprika and sugar. Give a quick stir and close the lid.

  3. Stir it occasionally and let it cook on a medium flame for at least 40-50 minutes. When the apricots turn soft and fluffy, add the vinegar and mix it.

  4. Then, mash the apricot mixture into a fine paste using a masher or blender. Cook this paste for few more minutes until the apricot paste turns thick.

  5. Off the flame and dish it out and allow it cool. Store this chutney in an air-tight container at a cool place.

That's it! The sweet and spicy 'Apricot Chutney' is ready to devour now...

So guys, try out these delicious apricot recipes and make this day memorable...

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