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Rosemary - Is there any intro needed for this herb? No! As it's a well known fragrant herb in the culinary world. Being a member of the mint family, this herb is also used for many medicinal purposes as well.

Well! There are some people who still don't know the right usage of the rosemary in cooking. Are you one among them? Worry not! Today we EeYuva is here with a few simple ways to use rosemary in your cook-ups. So without any delay, scroll down and know about it...

Sprinkle A Few Rosemary Leaves While You Are Baking Or Roasting Your Veggies.


Rosemary Can Be Used For Seasoning Your Soups, Salads And Casseroles.


Cook Your Chicken, Meat Or Fish With The Fresh Rosemary Leaves To Get That Rich Flavour.


Drop A Few Rosemary Sprigs In Your Olive Oil To Make It A Flavourful Oil.

olive oil

Add Fresh Rosemary Herbs While Baking Your Bread To Make It A Rich Flavoured Bread.


Add Rosemary Leaves To Your Cheesy Dishes To Enhance The Flavour.


Wanna Have A Healthy And Flavoured Tea? Then Try Out The Rosemary Tea It Keeps You Healthy And Active...


Aren't these tips amazing? Of course! So, start using this amazing herb Rosemary in your cook-ups...

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