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Written by : LifeStyle Team
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Besides cooking, organising the kitchen is more tough where most of the home-makers struggle a lot to maintain a hassle-free kitchen. And when it comes to the tiny kitchens, it's more tough to make space for all your things.

Well! Is your kitchen tiny? Are you unable to manage the things in your kitchen? Worry not my dear small-space dwellers! We have some amazing tips to organise your little kitchen in a beautiful way. Have a look!

  • Hang a pegboard on to your walls such that it saves the space in your kitchen. You can hang many utensils to a pegboard.

  • Arrange a standing shelf or a kitchen kart in your kitchen where you can keep all your food jars and other kitchen appliances. Adding a standing shelf to your kitchen occupies less space and also make your work easier.

  • Like pegboards, you can also arrange artificial shelves on your walls to adjust all other kitchen things like tea or coffee cups, mugs, glassware, dinnerware, etc.


  • If you don't have much eating space in your kitchen, fold-down kitchen table works the best. As it can be easily folded when it is not in usage.

  • You can arrange a spice rack in your fridge. All you need is, storing the spices in the magnetic spice jars and fix them to your refrigerator.

  • Leave no space in your kitchen, use every single bit of it such as walls, sides of the cabinets, etc., as every inch is very essential in a tiny kitchen.

So friends, hope these simple tips may come to your rescue. Follow them and maximise the space in your cute little kitchen.

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