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Be it a popular aloo tikki or a chicken tikki or a paneer tikki, people just love them. Being one of the popular snacks of North India, most of the people prefer them to satiate their hunger pangs.

Well! Have you ever thought that why many of you get easily tempted to the tikkis? Of course! You might say it's because of its taste but wait, it's not only the taste but also the colourful plating of it.

Yes! Our eyes eat the food before our mouth. So besides the taste, plating is also very important to have the food. Worry not! Our chef Sanjeev Kapoor has shared you the simple yet amazing techniques to plate your tikki like a pro. All you need is the delicious tikkis and little magic. Here we go!

Have A Look At The Video Here...

Aren't these tips wonderful? Yes! So, do try them whenever you prepare tikkis at your condo and surprise your family members with your plating.

(Courtesy: Sanjeev Kapoor & Shutterstock)

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