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A restaurant is a perfect choice for relaxing and spending some quality time with our loved ones. Wanna make it crazy yet memorable as well? Why don't you give a go with uniquely themed restaurants which also offer some finger-licking dishes? No need to Google it buddies! We are here to help you out with a write-up that gives you a list of a few specific themed restaurants and also their menus. The heavenly taste of food and sumptuous interior will leave you in the separate world.

1. Recipes Train Restaurant - Guwahati, Assam

Your 'Food Order' will arrive shortly on platform no: 2, Confused? Yes, you will hear this announcement in 'Recipes Train Restaurant' which is located at Guwahati, Assam. This restaurant fascinates the food lovers with its unique 'Train Theme' and no comprise in taste as well. One could find 2 train tracks and 4 toy trains which are connected to every table in the restaurant for serving the ordered food on time.

Coming to the menu, they are providing Korean, Chinese and Indian cuisine specials. They also offer a wide range of comfortable menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians such as starters, main course, mocktails, beverages, salads and soups. They have come up with a special menu for the Chinese cuisine which makes you lick your fingers until dry.

2. Gufha Restaurant, Bangalore

Caves reflect our age-old history and it resembles the tribal culture as well. Get ready to add a marvellous experience to your memories kitty by dining out in caves. No need to travel to outskirts or could go in search of caves. The restaurant with 'Cave Theme' is now available in the city of Bangalore. The perfect cave art and people dressed like tribals will make everyone's mouth agape.

Gufha Restaurant

It's time for food - It gave different names in their menu such as Chingari-Ke-Phool and Khidmat-e-Khass which means it is the menu for the vegetarians whereas for non-vegetarians, Murgh-e-Lazeez menu for chicken lovers, Gosht-e-Lazeez for mutton favourites and Dariya-Ka-Moti menu is dedicated for seafood fans. Besides, they also offer platters, biryani, dal varieties in the name of Dal-Shal and the menu comes to an end with desserts and it is named as Meethi Mehfil.

3. Ohri's Serengeti – Hyderabad

Have you ever had dinner in an African rain forest? You might be saying a big NO. But don't worry! To accomplish your wish of having dinner in a forest just move with your gang to Ohri's Serengeti in Banjara Hills. Once you step in, you can relish the aroma of delicious continental food in the forest environ along with wildlife. The backdrop of forest with a variety of animal sounds enchant every nature lover.

Ohri's Serengeti Restaurant

Serengeti's menu offer amazing murgh recipes, nimbu chicken, soup with leafy greens, paneer and cheese appetizers and so on. Main course menu offers special rice varieties along with biryanis and more than 20 varieties of rotis. Give a tasty touch to your palate with rustic desserts like phirni, basundi, elaneer payasam and baked gulab jamun.

4. Poush Restaurant – Mumbai

Kashmir spellbinds the travel buffs with its enthralling nature and it is a dream for many people to visit Kashmir once in a life. Now, enjoy the Kashmir cuisine and environment in Mumbai. Poush - The Essence Of Kashmir come up with 'Kashmir Theme'. The boat arrangement in the restaurant steals the show and lavish interior design will make you awestruck.

Poush Restaurant - Essence Of Kashmir

It's foodie time - Poush offers regular vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups, starters, main course, appetisers along with Kashmiri flavours such as Kasmiri Pandit Thali, Kashmiri Trami and special Kashmir drinks - Zari Kahwah and Sheen Kahwah and etc.,

5. The Black Pearl Restaurant

Pirates, the name itself remembers the famous film 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'. The skull printed dresses, skeletons and adventurous action sequences in the middle of the waters in the sea will make you say 'Wow'. Now, experience the same vibes in the 'Pirates Themed Restaurant' which is named as 'The Black Pearl'. It is located at Koramangala, Bangalore.


The cosy ambience will leave you in the world of pirates. They arrange a boat for buffet; decorated interiors with lavish sheer curtains; pirates modelled statues, all dressed like pirates and finally the chairs resemble like skeleton ribs.

Know the menu, they include all Indian varieties of veg and non-veg flavours along with Jamaican cuisine and special menu with pirate theme. Satiate your sweet tooth with desserts – sweet lollipops and coconut jalebis (Live) for you...

Enjoy your outing with these 'Uniquely Themed Restaurants'. Do share your tasty experiences with us...

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