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Written by : LifeStyle Team
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When it comes to the cooking tips, even the experienced chefs should follow them. And of course, a small cooking tip might be the secret of a perfect recipe. Well! Are you a novice to cooking? Fret not!

Here we EeYuva have shared some simple yet amazing cooking tips for all the beginners. Have a look and jot down them. Here we go!

1. Cooking Noodles? Then Here Is The Tip To Follow...


Whenever you boil the noodles, add a little salt and oil to the water, in-order to prevent the noodles from sticking each other.

2. Wanna Make Perfect Momos? Then Here Is The Tip For You...


Before you add the momos to the steamer, make sure that the water is boiled perfectly. And remember that 10-12 minutes of boiling is enough to cook momos.

3. Follow This Tip To Prepare A Rich And Creamy Kulfi...


Instead of low-fat milk, use chilled, full-fat or creamy milk for making a kulfi. Not only for kulfi, this tip is useful while preparing a kheer as well.

4. To Make A Delicious And Crispy Pakora...


Always check the temperature of the oil before you drop the batter in it. That simply means, if the pakora batter will rise or expand in 30 seconds in the oil, then the oil is perfect to deep fry. Firstly, you can drop a dollop of batter to check the oil temperature.

5. How To Check If The Chicken Is Completely Cooked?


Firstly, the colour of the chicken should change i.e., it should turn from its pinkish colour to light brown colour. And, when you prick it with a fork on its thigh or breast or any piece, it should slit easily. This indicates that your chicken is perfectly cooked.

So guys, hope these tips will help you cook smart without any hassle. We will be back with few more tips soon. Till then, stay tuned to EeYuva.

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