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Besides chicken, meat i.e., 'mutton' is one of the most craved foods on weekends. Like chicken lovers, there are many mutton lovers as well. And when it comes to cooking mutton, many people think that it's tough and takes longer time to prepare. Of course! We do agree.

However, not all the mutton dishes have longer cooking process. Here are 3 quick yet mouth-watering recipes - 'Junglee Ghost', 'Kosha Mansho Bengali Mutton Curry', 'Khatta Meat' - shared by none other than the Chef Ranveer Brar that also beat your boredom for regular ones.

Each one has its own taste and we can't judge which one is the best. Here we go!

Here Is The Video Of The Three Mutton Recipes. Have A Look!

Hope you liked these amazing mutton gravy recipes. So, without fail, try any of these mutton recipes and enjoy your weekend.

(Courtesy: Ranveer Brar & Shutterstock)

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