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Written by : LifeStyle Team
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From preparing a creamy coffee to delicious puddings, milk plays a prominent role in our everyday lives, without it we can't start our day. What if we say, there are amazing milk hacks that we can use it every day. Yes! Besides consuming milk, we can use milk for many things.

Here we have doled out a few of them. Have a look!

1. To Marinate The Meat


To make your chicken tender and delicious, marinate the chicken well and soak it in milk for about 30-60 minutes before you cook it.

2. Cleans That Peppery Hands In No Time


To get rid of the burning sensation after chopping green chillies, dip your hands in a bowl filled with milk for a few minutes. It will soothe your hands in no time.

3. For A Chilled And Rich Smoothie


Is your milk pack going to expire tomorrow? Then pour the milk in the ice trays and freeze it overnight. Use this milk ice cubes while blending your smoothies. The chilled and energetic smoothie will get ready in no time.

So guys, hope these tips will be helpful to you. Let us know more hacks in the comment section below...

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