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Written by : LifeStyle Team
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The temperatures which are reaching to the peaks is just making us to crave only for chilled foods and drinks. And the first thing that springs to our mind when we think about chilled foods is 'Ice Creams'. Of course, yes!

So today we are here with two delicious ice creams made with the summer fruits watermelon and muskmelon. Have a look at the recipes and give them a try...

Watermelon Ice Cream

watermelon ice cream

Ingredients You Need

  • Watermelon pieces - 2 cups

  • Sugar powder - ¼ cup

  • Cream - ¼ cup

  • Yoghurt - ½ cup

  • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp


  1. Blend the watermelon pieces into a smooth paste and add sugar powder, yoghurt, cream and beat them well to get a fluffy texture.

  2. Now, add lemon juice and give a quick stir. Then refrigerate it for 5-6 hours to get a solid form.

The yummy 'Watermelon Ice Cream' is ready to serve now...

Muskmelon Ice cream

muskmelon ice cream

Ingredients You Need

  • Muskmelon pulp - ½ cup

  • Muskmelon pieces - ½ cup

  • Milk - 1 cup

  • Milk powder - 1 cup

  • Fresh cream - 1 cup

  • Powdered sugar - ½ cup (as per taste)


  1. Blend the ingredients - milk, milk powder, fresh cream, sugar, muskmelon pulp into peak smooth texture.

  2. Dish it out into a bowl and add muskmelon pieces into it and give a quick stir. Freeze it overnight or 7-8 hrs.

The chilled and creamy 'Muskmelon Ice Cream' is ready to have now...

So guys, have these summer special ice creams and enjoy...

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