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Your Ganesha Can Grow

Written by : LifeStyle Team

The most awaited and largely celebrated festival, Ganesh Chathurthi is arriving and the city by now has already readied up with different Ganesh idols, to celebrate the festival in a bigger way. Markets already started selling various varieties of Ganesh Idols, with treading models and attracting people towards the Idol. Though the festivities are all making everyone enthusiastic, one point about pollution, that is generated after the completion of the 11-day festival is quite alarming.

Every year thousands of Ganesh statues made of POP (Plaster of Paris), that come in trending avatars and attractive models and receive puja for 11 long days. Many apartments and various groups come together to celebrate the festival. Competition exists between every respective street with the other, as in whose Idol is more bigger and the best. Considering this competition, every year bigger idols (in Height and Width) are prepared, allowing people to buy these POP statues.

But what we fail is to understand that the materials used in making these Idols are not safe to the environment and when immersed in the lakes, cause so much of water pollution every year.

Making a clear note of this point, the couple, Divyanjani Ganesh and Ganesh Amarnath of Kukatpally, Hyderabad, came up with the idea 'Plan a Plant', where you can grow saplings from your Ganesha, once its immersed.

Planned A Plan

“The idea of starting Eco-friendly Ganesha began after my husband and I observed various Ganesh Idols floating on the water after the Nimarjan. Though Eco-Friendly Ganesha's are already available (Ganesha's made of clay) in the market, we felt adding more to this clay Ganesha and turning it into a plantable one is the need of the hour,” said Mrs Divyanjani Ganesh, of Plan a Plant.

“We decided to research various elements before we came up with “Plant Ganesha”. We felt readily giving an Eco-Friendly Ganesha, that can be worshipped for 11 long days and when the festivities are over, which can be easily grown into a sapling, creating no pollution but saving mother earth is essential at this point,” added Mrs Ganesh.

How This Works

So this “Plant Ganesha” comes readily with a recyclable green plastic pot, which is approved by the GHMC. The height of the Ganesh Idol is 7inc and this idol is placed over the green pot, filled with Vermicompost and Coco peat and a vegetable seed infused in the entire set-up. Once the celebrations are over, one can immerse the idol in the same pot, by pouring water on the idol. The idol, which is made of pure clay, dissolves in the pot, along with Vermicompost and Coco peat, later germinating to become seeds.

Spreading The Cause

The basic idea of 'Plan a Plant' started way back in 2017. “We received huge orders, nearly 10-12 thousand in the year 2017. Later in 2018, the orders increased to 15 thousand and we began selling the Plant Ganesha across India,” said Mrs Ganesh.

“We received orders from Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Singapore, USA and majorly from corporates, during the past years. This year we are already ready with 15 thousand idols to spread the essence of Eco-friendly celebrations across the country”.

Different Varieties Of Seeds Available

“People can choose their 'Plant Ganesha'. Seeds like Bendi, Tomato, Brinjal are infused in the pot along with Clay Ganesh. These seeds are easy to germinate and grow as plants later. The main idea is to promote growing plants and imbibe interest in growing plants in children. This can be the best knowledge sharing session to children, where parents can teach them about Eco-friendly celebrations and growing plants yourself, in the backyard,” said Divyanjani Ganesh.

Price and Availability

The price of this Plantable Ganesha is Rs 499/- and is available at your doorstep on prior orders. These Ganesha's are available as a single pot and as a package and can be the best gift you can give to anyone, irrespective of the occasion.


“Our main motto is to create awareness about Eco-friendly celebrations. We target the individual houses because this way each house can 'Plant a Plant' once the celebrations are over every year. This not only promotes greenery but also inspires many to indulge in activities that save mother earth. Save lakes and Save Nature. Use Eco-friendly Ganesh and retain Ganesha as a plant after Nimarjan,” urged Mrs Divyanjani Ganesh.

The effect POP leaves on mother earth is known to everyone. Imagine many POP idols being immersed in our lakes, which are leading to water pollution each year? Its time we imbibe the concept of 'ECO-Friendly' celebrations and start celebrating the festival using Eco-Friendly products. Celebrating festivals is not about pride or showcasing the biggest idol. It's about helping mother earth live the way it was.

Let's pledge to promote greenery and let's hope to retain the earth's beauty with all our efforts. Its time we move towards change and let's begin this change by celebrating the festival Eco-Friendly way.

(Image Source: Plan a Plant)