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World Photography Day - Capturing Moments

Written by : LifeStyle Team

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”, Bruno Barbey.

August 19 worldwide is celebrated as Photography Day. This day originated way back in 1837 when the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic process developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce happened.

Since then, till date, Photographs saw the face of many improvements and developments. Thanks to technology and progress, today's generation can enjoy instant photos, without waiting or depending on someone for days together to see their captured memories.

The Evolution: Photograph

Previously the way people looked at photographs and how they look at now, has a very distant variation. Earlier people used to fix a particular date and time, get ready in neat clothes, gather family or the group and then call a photographer to click their photos. The initial process itself is time-consuming. Now imagine the later.

The photographer needs to give back the photographs and as we all knew, the procedure involved in creating a photograph from a film isn’t that easy. People waited for days and sometimes months to see their photos in hand. Later came the albums and videos to beautifully save your captured memories.

Techniques and Technology

Framing and composition came as basics in today's photography skills, but way back, the photographer had no scope to view the captured photos, until the photos were developed. Though he/she could see some changes or mistakes in the photos taken, they could do nothing, except schedule another photoshoot session, hoping for correct photographs this time. Courses in editing the photographs and video, correcting the colour and balance came up gradually to add more effectiveness to your photographs. The way cameras and options in it have evolved, allowing people to delete a photo immediately is to be noted. Adding to this are the editing techniques to further beautify your moments.

Learning the art of Photography

Previously the attention and interest people gave towards learning the art of photography, slowly diminished with the evolving trends. Earlier people use to join as assistants under a professional photographer, learn the techniques and the subject for months together and then begin their practice. Now with tutorials, workshops and educational courses, learning this skill is made easier.

Photos- An Essential Part of Everyone's Life

Earlier people used to allocate some time and money to get their photos clicked. Now having a good phone is all enough to capture wonderful memories. From waking up to sleep at night, photos now are playing a very important role in one's life. From uploading it in social media to carefully saving them in laptops, technology advancements bought photography very handy.

Saving and Segregating

Previously to make an album or develop a film into a photograph, people use to select a few pictures, segregate the important ones and turn them into what's necessary. Now with countless options available, people can delete, choose and save photographs and the number is countless.

Taking with Mr Anjaneya, a 40-year-old accountant says, “I remember my dad asking us to stand straight without making any moment and just smile when the photographer says SMILE. Now you can easily click any number of photographs, not just with one emotion, with many possibilities.”

A college student Ananya says, “I study Visual Communication and photography is one of my favourite subjects. My course allows me to practice whats taught and that’s the interesting part of my curriculum. Photography courses which are made available to people these days are best used by everyone and I feel the world will see many more beautiful clicks from our generation.”

Bobby, a photographer from Hyderabad says, “Many people hang cameras in their hands and click various pictures. But many are shooting photographs, but are not performing photography. Photography is the art of creating moments with light, whereas a photograph is capturing what's in front of the camera.”

Photography is never a 9-5 job. You need so much patience, determination, dedication and commitment to be tagged as a skilled photographer. To survive in a world that’s made very handy, you need to make your mark by using your knowledge and sources available along with your output being original, fresh and creative. Though social media gave access to post your pictures, still privacy and safety measures surely need priority to make sure fraud and misleading won't happen.

(Image Source: Shuttershock)