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Right Footwear For Your Summer Outings...

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Besides designer outfits, footwear gives the smart touch to your look. Make sure that you are choosing something that is both comfortable and stylish this searing season.

We EeYuva listed down some options that can go well in this Summer... Have a look!



Stay grounded with your fashion-forward flats. The classic loafer will be the perfect fit. You can also try various styles with bows and pointed toes which are ideal for work, weekends and any other sort of event.


In a mood for a party? Level up your footwear with the not so conventional heels. Summer, for sure, is all about sweating, but that doesn't mean that everyone's favourite heels should be opted out.

White Sneakers

White Sneakers

Whatever the season it might be! White trainers are a must if you want to wear something sporty yet trendy. One could argue that they get sweat this hot season, but they go with everything. So, sneakers are a must footgear.

Casual Shoes

Black shoes go well if you are going for a monochromatic look this Summer or your game is neutral colours. From high-tops to slip-on to lace-ups there is so much you can choose from.



If you have been eyeing that high-top pair, now is your chance to get it. These shoes will save your foot from heat and at the same time add to your style quotient. Mix and match the print or the fabric of the shoe to suit your requirement: from leather to suede or print to plain.

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