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Rakshabandhan 2019- Don't Just Celebrate, Lets Participate

Written by : LifeStyle Team

With Rakhi festival nearing, all the shops in the city are all geared up with colourful rakhis, that represent the bond between a sister and a brother. With Rakhi being the most awaited festival for all the siblings, both the online and offline market had come up with trendy ideas to celebrate the festival in a more innovative, effective and most importantly Eco-friendly way.

Various designs arrive in the market every year during this time, both online and in the offline market to celebrate the bond between a brother and a sister and since the last year, Eco-friendly Rakhi's are standing to be trendy. Several shops in the city have already ordered these Eco-friendly rakhi's, anticipating the customer rush and enthusiasm in these type of Rakhis.

So what are Eco-Friendly Rakhi's?

Previously Rakhi's came in variates of designs, few with colourful beads and few with threads, that were handmade. The material used in preparing these type of rakhis are purely decorative ones (either made of few stones, glass, shells or plastic) and were of not much help in conserving the environment. Now what's hot are these Eco-friendly rakhi's, that is made of environment-friendly materials such as reused paper, cotton, clay and plant seeds. These Rakhis have a seed inside which are plantable and comes packed in a kit, made of recycled paper. One needs to order these online before, for hassle-free celebrations. Several varieties of plant seeds are available in these Rakhis, making these more appealing.

What are these Rakhi's doing to the environment?

Tell me what more do you want to know when I say the word 'Plants'? The word itself tells us the entire story about them. Now tell me who doesn’t want to participate in making the environment more greenish by planting more plants? So, you have the answer already.

So these Eco-friendly plantable rakhi's does the same thing- saving the environment, by letting us celebrate the festival, along with encouraging people to participate in making the environment green. Because of the materials used in it (Rakhi), this can be planted. Majorly, this Rakhi does not harm nature (The materials used in making are eco-friendly) and in-turn promotes and encourages greenery. This concept of helping the mother earth, while celebrating the festival is attracting people towards this type of Rakhi and in a short span had gained much popularity in the market.

Choices, Packaging and Varieties available

You can choose these Rakhis from many options available. The type of seeds you want to plant with the Rakhi can also be chosen. Seeds like Tomato, tulsi, basil, pumpkin and papaya are few from those available. The Rakhi is packet in a kit, that comes along with Roli and Chawal, a seed infused in the Rakhi, that grows into a plant when planted.

What's more

To add more to this Eco-friendly collection are the 'plantable clay and seed Rakhi'. These rakhis are made of clay and have a plantable seed in it. This year's market has also included Rakhi's made of organically grown cotton with natural dyes, to support the lives of farmers who grow crops to make Rakhi's exclusively.


Its more of helping with celebrating

Not just representing the bond between a bother and a sister, these Eco-friendly rakhi's stand out to be of more help to the environment. Though the price of these rakhis is comparatively high, yet people choose to go green than just opting the ordinary Rakhis.

Taking with Sruthi, a college student in Madhapur about the Eco-friendly rakhi, she says, “I feel this is the best way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. You are not just asking your brother to protect you, but also asking him to plant a seed, promoting greenery.”

Another housewife, Dhanya says, “I prefer this Eco-friendly Rakhi over the ordinary one. Though the price is a bit high, the favour this Rakhi does is more than the ordinary one.”

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and a sister. It's a promise made by every brother to save his sister from any harm and protect her despite any obstacle. With these Eco-friendly Rakhi's, the festival not only celebrates the bond but also aids in protecting the environment. This is what called carrying the essence of the festival and Rakshabandhan 2019 surely is on the same lines with this Eco-friendly Rakhi's.

(Image Courtesy: The Better India & Shutterstock)