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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Queen Elizebeth has been using the same handbag for 50 years... Wondered??? But it's true! She even carried this handbag even for a very special outing... Queen has been using the Launer handbag for about 50 years, which remains one of her essentials and favourites till date. The Queen carries her handbag for every big occasion including official engagements, presidential visits and other key events.

Queen has carried her bag for every important meeting as she had it on her arm when she met US President Richard Nixon with Prime Minister Edward Heath in 1970, when she hosted Bill and Hillary Clinton at the palace in 2000 and she also held it close during the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2003 and at a 2017 Royal Horse Artillery parade.

The bag even made an unexpected appearance in a portrait she sat for in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle in 2018. Queen awarded Launer by Royal Warrant in 1968 and since then she made her bags with its own twisted rope emblem.


(Image Courtesy: Instagram)