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Making Mother Earth Happier

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Earlier celebrating festivals were more about buying ethnic clothes, preparing delicious foods and gathering together for celebrations. Though different festivals had various ways to celebrate it, people mainly focused on clothing, food and gathering. Thanks to awareness and creativity for the last two years. People now are shifting slowly into celebrating festivals in an Eco-friendly way.

How did it start?

The concept of infusing the use of Eco-friendly materials and products in festivals began when thousands of Ganesh statues made of POP (Plaster of Paris) came up years back. These statues being immersed in the rivers caused much pollution to the environment. Though the existence of these statues still exists, many environmental activists and creative people came up with ideas to celebrate the festival in a more Eco-friendly way. There came the idea of clay Ganesha first, where thousands of clay Ganesh statues were distributed freely, even by the government to encourage a pollution-free celebration, during the Ganesh festival.

Plantable Ganesha

Later, this took a further deep turn, where Ganesh statues were made of clay, infused by seed in it, which, when planted after the immersion in your backyard, grows into a beautiful sapling. This trend of Plant-Ganesha slowly took much attention since the past years and now had become an inspiration to begin celebrating the festival in an Eco-friendly way.

Go green with Rakhi

After the trend of Plant-Ganesha emerged, this inspired the Raksha Bandhan festival to follow the Eco-friendly concept. Soon, Rakhis made of clay, cotton, jute and plantable Rakhis, replaced the earlier styles that were limited to beads, stones and decorative material. This year many people have already made plans to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in an Eco-friendly way, by ordering Rakhis made of nature-friendly materials. Online and offline markets displayed the trending Eco-friendly Rakhis, encouraging siblings to spread their love even to the environment and not just between them.

Seed Paper

The entire celebrations for the Independence day took a plot twist after the seed paper concept emerged. Seed paper is all about a plantable paper which is biodegradable Eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper) and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind are flowers, herbs or vegetables and no waste. Inspired by the concept, using seed paper, plantable flags are thus made bringing an entirely new essence to this year's Independence Day celebrations.

People's response towards celebrating the festivals in an Eco-friendly manner is quite impressive. Taking with a resident of Madhapur, Babu, says that he is happy because of these Eco-friendly inventions because this way we are using less plastic.

Asking a college student, Seema on the Eco-friendly concept of celebrating festivals, she says, “This way of celebrations are helping us cover the environment pollution we once started.”

Though the concept is quite motivating, yet the way we choose to celebrate a few festivals is still causing a lot of harm to the environment. As they said, 'Realization is much better than regret', we are finally moving towards promoting a healthier environment. People slowly started celebrating festivals in an Eco-friendly way. Their approach towards making the mother earth pleasant is truly inspiring.

Any celebration needn't merely stick to decoration or gathering. It's also about taking care of the environment we live in. A celebration is a whole involving various aspects and let's all be a part of sustainable growth while we are still celebrating festivals.

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