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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Girls love to flaunt themselves in cosy and stylish outfits all the time. But with myriads of clothing options, they will be in a quandary about what to wear to get that chic look. So, my dear fashion freaks, know some of the smart ways to play with your clothing and make others' green with envy. A modern spin to the yesteryears cropped pants are today's culottes. So, never give a miss to try this style this season.

Women have borrowed many style statements from men, right?? Yes, and Culottes are no exception. Firstly, they were adorned by the upper-class European men. Later in the Victorian era, women started wearing these peculiar pants, 'Culottes'. Initially, they were called as bifurcated or divided or split skirts but later they were called as 'Culottes and Skorts'. With the proper styling, one can top the fashion charts with their eternal style.

1. Pleated Culottes

 Pleated Culottes

Culottes are available in numerous patterns. Pleated culottes are one of the most famous silhouettes which will give you the illusion of wearing a skirt. Adorn yourselves in pleated culottes and pair it up with a striped off-shoulder top. Get that geeky look with a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses and loafers. This outfit suits best when you are heading to cinemas and travel as well.

2. Crop Top With Culottes

Crop Top With Culottes

Ditch your denim and just give a go for a pair of culottes. Crop tops are ruling the fashion space for a long time. So marry a light coloured crop top with a pair of culottes. Slip your soul into a pair of classy nude heels and complete your outfit with statement jewellery. See the magic how your simple yet subtle outfit looks outstanding.

3. High Waist Culottes

 High Waist Culottes

Wanna be a fashion-forward lass? Culottes will definitely serve your fashion appetite. Doll up yourselves in a pair of high waist culottes and merge it with a light coloured lace top. Round off your look with a pair of strappy heels. Keep your accessories simple and let your culottes be the focal point.

4. Jeans Culottes

 Jeans Culottes

Is there any wardrobe without jeans? Absolutely 'NO'! So, why don't you give a jeans touch to your culottes? Yes! Jeans culottes are available which are very comfortable for your outing and one can pair up with shirts or casual tops. Slip your feet into wedges or shoes and rock the day with your gang.

5. Other Models


Not only pleated, but tie waist culottes there also exists wrap belted, buckle detailed, tie-waisted culottes, culotte suits, jumpsuits and many more. They can be teamed with shirts, tank tops, leather jackets, denim jackets, halter tops, cardigans, blazers, etc. Never forget to style up your feet. But stay simple at your jewellery front. Just know how to wear culottes and chic look will be yours.

Which combination would you love to sport? Do you have any crazy styles of wearing culottes? Don't forget to share your style statements with us.

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