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Written by : Entertainment Team

Rang bi Rang Holi is one day ahead for your surprise! Every individual ranging from a small kid to old aged person awaits to celebrate the festival of colours with friends and family to the peak, so that they will remember this epic celebration throughout their life span.

We guess everyone are quite busy in preparing their schedule for the crazy celebration of Holi. Are you worried in picking up the best suitable location to enjoy extremely enthusiastic Holi? Worry not, we EeYuva are here to advise you with the best of the best events in India.

While we are in a search of selecting the best event, we came across one of the extravagant event named 'Rand De' happening in Mumbai on 21 March.

You will feel really excited if you know the man behind this electronic musical Holi festival, he is none other than the most talented and extremely fantastic Indian Video and Radio Jockey 'Nikhil Chinapa'.

'Wow' might be your reaction after knowing the name. Right? Yes, this event is scheduled by 'The Event Factory and 'Sunshine Advertisement' with music partners VH1 and MTV Beats.

#IssBaarHoliHumareSaath is the theme or caption of this highly rated event. Wilson Gymkhana at Marine Drive, Mumbai is the home to this event.

VH 1 and MTV Beats took Twitter to announce this event. Look at these Tweets for more details...


Isn't it crazy? Yes, start texting your friends and family to book tickets. Go in a group and enjoy to the core. Have a blast…

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Event Details
Start Date End Date Venue
March 21, 2019 March 21, 2019 Wilson Gymkhana, Marine Drive, Mumbai

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