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Want To Be Seriously Considered For A Job? Avoid These 7 Things Before Interview

Written by : Info Box Team

Wow, finally you got the call...asking you to attend an interview… congratulations! This is the high-time to put in the best of your performance. We're sure, you do have a good idea about the things to do or not to do in a job interview; but what about the things to avoid before the interview?

We at EeYuva supply some seven points you should avoid before an interview.

1. Staying Up Late In The Night

Whatever may be the reason, either preparing for the interview or watching your favourite movie, never stay up late night before your interview. A good night's sleep makes you look bright and fresh the next morning.

2. Being Lil Rude And Haste

Be extra courteous, not rude. That extra pinch of politeness and courtesy towards everyone at the interview place sends positive signals to your hiring manager.

3. Being Overconfident

Of course, you are lucky to get short-listed for the interview, but never assume that you are selected until you receive the offer letter. If you mess up things and create an odd impression in front of the final interviewer with your overconfidence, no doubt it will backfire big time.

4. Eating Smelly Food & Ignoring Personal Hygiene

You die for spicy food, you can't do without smoking when you are edgy, you missed your shower. How great and suitable you might be, the odour or the smell might infuriate your interviewer and he will not be ready to tolerate the mess all times and your name will be certainly bypassed from the selection list. So, keep such habits away for time being.

5. Mind Using The Restroom

Once you enter the interview room, you are doomed to focus on the interview only. If you ignore the urge using toilets before the interview and you can't resist yourself during the interview, imagine how detractive the situation will be!

6. Arriving Too Early Or Too Late

Showing up too early or too late is not the good way of initiation. If you arrive too early, the interviewer can neither meet you sooner nor let you wait for a long period of time. Need not explain what happens if you are late, we guess. Though you reach the venue much earlier than the scheduled time, kill some time anywhere and enter just 5 to 10 minutes before.

7. Asking Too Many Questions Or None

It's a good thing to be prepared to ask questions as you will be asked if you have any; Not asking questions shows up that you have no interest or initiative. Unprepared and irrelative questions are less impressive. Even if you ask a single question, shot the thoughtful one.

So don't let a small miscue cost your prospective job, all the best!