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Scientifically Proven Tips To Study For Long Hours

Written by : Info Box Team

Hi guys! Many of us, preparing for entrances tests and competitive exams or regular studies, try hard to stick to study table and finish the entire syllabus in a handful of days. Whatever may be the reason, we can't avoid studying for long hours, as it is inevitable to achieve our goals.

No doubt we sit for long hours but the question is, are we really able to concentrate? Here are some reasons for not concentrating…

  • Smartphone

  • Distractions like friends, television, etc

  • Food we take

  • Feeling tired

  • Feeling sleepy

  • Doing strenuous physical tasks etc… etc...

What? Have you already fixed these issues and still not getting the results you are looking for? Don't drive up the wall; go with the easy but scientifically proven tips that EeYuva provides for you here.

Understand How Your Brain Works

When we do brain work, it is obvious for us to understand its function. It's a proven fact that human brain can't concentrate 100% on anything for more than 45 minutes. That means anything that is done in that period of time is more productive. This is the very reason that most of the class hours at the educational institutes are around 45 minutes.

Trick Your Brain

Yes. We mean that. Trick your brain and make it work more hard for more time. Here we explain how.

  • Suppose you wish to study for 10 -12 hours a day, use only 45 minutes of each hour for reading and give a break then. give relaxation to your mind for 10-15 minutes.

  • After 5 to six hours, take a bigger break of 30 - 45 minutes.

Identify Your Best Time

Know if you are nocturnal or diurnal! Hey, we just say it tongue in cheek. We mean to say try to identify those exact hours of the day, which do you feel more energetic, may it be day or night time. And those are hours are unique, depending on individual's study habits.

Wanna Sharpen Your Brain? Do Physical activity

No, no we don't mean you to do puzzles and all; it is the time for physical exercise, actually. Why? Because physical activity and brain activity are directly proportional! The activity can be anything: a small walk, cleaning room, playing any indoor game… and the best is, yes – Yoga!

Take App Help

Improve the quality of your study time with the hand picked study apps, that work basing on the scientific principles like above. There are many student-friendly apps like Timeful, Brain Focus Activity Timer, Todo, Focus Booster, Focus at Will, 30/30, iStudiez Pro, Study Buddy etc.

When exams are knocking the doors and we indulge in late night studying and night outs. Hope our study tips provide you with the best ways to study longer effectively and efficiently; Happy learning!

(Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

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